Bucket Buggy

UmbroTools is proud to present the first of many innovative tools that will make moving 5 gallon buckets weighing up to 85b lbs. or similar shaped and sized containers easier than you can imagine.

There are many jobs that involve the use of 5 gallon buckets which can become very heavy to transport when filled with water, soil, gravel, driveway sealant, swimming pool chemicals, fertilizer, soil stabilizer, insecticide, ceramic tile adhesive and tiles, spackle, joint compound, degreaser, polyurethane coating, foundation coating, anti-graffiti repellant, paint, laboratory chemicals, liquid soap, concrete paver sealer, floor polish, salt for snow melting, firefighting foams, asbestos encapsulants, floor polish, spackle, wood stain, tools.......the list goes on.

The industries that use 5 gallon buckets range from construction, gas stations / car mechanics, the food  service industry, janitorial supplies and services, farming, landscaping and gardening, house painting / housing renovation, schools' athletic departments, and golf ranges to name a few.

For the home owner, take a look at the 5 gallon buckets you have in your tool shed or garage. What are they used for? Gardening, tools, fishing,  golf practice, baseball practice, chemicals for your pool, general outside or inside "do it yourself" fix it jobs, indoor planters, to contain your kitchen discards for composting, brewing beer, holding cat litter,  dog food, or just general storage.

Have you ever strained your back lifting a heavy 5 gallon bucket and transporting it from the garage to the garden, to the driveway, to your car? Workers within the construction industry or janitorial maintenance, or house painting carry heavy 5 gallon buckets every day. It's not good for their backs and can certainly sap their energy before they even begin the job!

We have THE solution: the Bucket Buggy. The wonder of wheels designed with a base and handle that makes moving heavy 5 gallon buckets easily. The Umbro Tools concept is simple, but the execution of the design is brilliant.

Every element of design and construction has been carefully considered, and quite often prototyped tens of times.  The resulting design achieves the maximum benefit to you, our user. 

The handle of the Bucket Buggy curves symmetrically in an arc, of which the middle, the hand-grip, is precisely positioned over the center of the bucket.  This means that if you pick up the Bucket Buggy with a full bucket on it, it will hang down straight.  It won't bang against your legs

The Bucket Buggy can easily convert from a cart to a "skid" function when using 5 gallon buckets filled with fluids like paint, roof sealant or deck treatments.  Release the strap around the bucket filled allowing the handle to articulate away from the bucket without tipping the platform.  The platform stays horizontal, and the bucket, resting on the platform, remains vertical.  The filled bucket can be moved without picking it up, making it easy to move the bucket without straining and use the contents without spilling.

The "fenderbrakes"(R) of the Bucket Buggy are revolutionary allowing it to be used on an incline.  The fenders rotate about the axle and can be locked into position as fenders with the wheels lifted off the rolling surface, and the fenders resting on them. When you want to move your bucket, simply rotate the fenderbrake until it snaps into "fender" position, ready to be used again as a brake with the wheels free to move.

To store the Bucket Buggy simply rotate the platform into a storage position up against the frame. To open for transportation, snap open into position.

See the Bucket Buggy At Work.

Download the Bucket Buggy Info Sheet as a pdf.


We Have A Bucket Buggy (Buy Here) Waiting for You!

  • Make transporting those heavy five gallon buckets a breeze.
  • Save straining back, shoulder and arm muscles.
  • Conserve your strength and let the bucket buggy do the heavy lifting.


OUR BUCKET BUGGY + Your 5 Gallon Bucket

Give your 5 gallon bucket a ride and give yourself a break.

Once you experience how handy this innovative devise is,  we are sure you can come up with more situations where a Bucket Buggy should be used.


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