About Jerry Umbro

Jerry Umbro, is one of principals of Umbro Tools. He is also the creator of the Bucket Buggy. Although the Bucket Buggy appears to be a deceptively simple idea: creating a carrying devise for 5 gallon buckets, the actual bucket buggy is a  unique , cunning design that will change forever  the way a person transports heavy 5 gallon buckets from point A to point B.

The Story:

Even while he was in school, Jerry Umbro was a tool designer and machinist.  With a mastery born of not only an innate mechanical sense, but also decades of experience, Jerry has created tools for the automotive and HVAC industries, as well as specialty systems used for manufacturing in harsh environments.  He also is a "jack-of-all-trades," carrying in a 5-gallon bucket the tools to fix just about anything. It's a heavy bucket to lift and move about.

On one occasion that turned out to be pivotally important, Jerry was pulling up to a location to make repairs.  With him was Rosemary Kavanaugh, who would also become another principal in Umbro Tools.  Once again Jerry found himself wrestling with his incredibly heavy bucket of tools, as he dragged if from the parking area and into the building where he needed to work.

He said, " You know what? I'm going to make a tool bucket with wheels and a handle on it!"

Rosemary said, "Great idea!  But LOTS of products are sold in 5 gallon buckets, and they are really heavy, too."  

Jerry added, "That's it!  We'll make buckets with wheels and handles, and sell them to all the manufacturers of products that use 5-gallon buckets."  

Rosemary observed that it would be very difficult and expensive for them to make such a change in the manufacturing of five gallon buckets. "That's an uphill battle." she pointed out. " But what about a cart with wheels that's made to accept ANYTHING that comes in a 5 gallon bucket, and sell it to do-it-yourselfers?  That way, the buckets will still retain their shape, still be cheap, and still stack perfectly."   

That bit of "give and take" was all it took for Jerry to start playing around with concepts and flexing his designing skills.  Along with his father, Joe, Jerry went to work conceptualizing, creating 3-D CAD drawings, and making prototypes with his **CNC router.  Many prototypes later, the Bucket Buggy was born.   

The Umbro Tool Company is proud to offer this product that will help people transport easily 5 gallon buckets filled with just about anything you can image. 

Here is a Partial List of Where 5 Gallon Buckets Are Used and Where the Bucket Buggy Could Help Out.

We Have A Bucket Buggy Waiting for You!

Wallpaper adhesive
Oil (for cars, etc., at gas stations)
Food Service (e.g. potato salad)
Roofing sealant
Driveway sealant
Wood stain
Wood treatment
Swimming  Pool chemicals
Fishing (bait bucket)
Golf Driving Range (golf balls)
Baseball coaching  (baseballs)
Roof sealant
Gardening (shrubs)
Gardening (fertilizer)
Tool Bucket
Thinset cement
Joint compound
Floor Polish
Ceramic Tile Adhesive
Concrete sealant (garage floors, etc.)
Soil Stabilizer
Wood glue
Foundation Coating
Concrete Paver Sealer
Water Repellant
Polyurethane Coating
Anti-graffiti repellant
Mold Remover/ Disinfectant
Shrubs and Trees (Nurseries, gardening)
Car cleaners
Firefighting foams
Asbestos encapsulants
Laboratory Chemicals
Liquid Soap
Salt for snow melting

And we are sure you will find even more.


As Jerry said recently, "It's the first in the Umbro Tools line of elegantly designed, useful products that:

  •   address a real problem
  •   solve the problem effectively
  •   solve the problem cost effectively, 
  •   provide a quality tool at a real value for the money.


We are pleased to introduce you to the first of our Umbro Tools, the Bucket Buggy.


**CNC router
A CNC router is a computer controlled cutting machine. These are related to the hand held router. Instead of hand held routing, the tool paths can be controlled via computer numerical control.

Don't strain your back trying to lift a heavy 5 gallon bucket. Use the Bucket Buggy instead.


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